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Having introduced an online booking and client system just over 2 years ago both Becca and I have spent some time recently discussing whether this in fact works for us and have been in agreement that on the whole it does not. There are many advantages to technology which we are both grateful for however with this kind of work and the depth of personal connection we have both independently agreed that ‘old school’ methods of a paper diary and hand written notes are preferable.

Much of the time, regardless of having a booking system, clients still prefer to text me to make or change appointments and both Becca and I value speaking to new clients rather than them booking in ‘cold’ from a portal as it were. Through a brief telephone conversation we can often identify if we are a good match to work with people and also if we’re the right therapy / therapists for people to work with.

Theres something to be said for the quality that comes from pen, paper and good old fashioned conversation that technology can sterilise in its seemingly innocuous bid to make life more efficient. We wish to keep our work organic, creative and limit ourselves in screen time as we know just how much this can impact people’s health and that’s essentially what we’re here to support! 

Keeping life a little more simple…

If you wish to book or change an appt please contact Hannah on 07850 652529 or for Becca please visit:

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