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"Myself, my family and all that lean on me are so grateful to you and your profound healing.  I know and feel the work you are doing is increasing and accelerating my healing and I feel such gratitude for your accurate work with my body


"What do you do?"  Heal - unblock - enable healing, you are an enabler empath, collaborator, sharer of knowledge, learner, trainer, dancer, musician, holder of safe space, humble and beautiful spirit.

I have so much love and respect for you Hannah - my life is enriched because you are in it." 

Sue - Severe Acute Back & Leg Injury / Womb & Birth Trauma Work / Dance Rhythms Attendee

"I reached out to Hannah at my lowest point both physically and emotionally. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a treatment but Hannah held me with warmth and understanding. She took the time to listen and was able to tailor the treatment to my needs.

Hannah’s treatment room and couch are also filled with warmth, which instantly helps you feel safe and more able to let go.


Hannah has helped both my mind and body to calm and heal and I have learned so much about myself in the process.


Treatments with Hannah are now an important component of my self-care. I will be visiting regularly from now on and would highly recommend Hannah as the most wonderful therapist."

Sarah Lockhart - Long COVID Recovery / Birthwork Regression / Ancestral Healing

"Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me.  You've completely changed my whole outlook on life and my role as a mother.  I really don't think I would have gotten the birth experience with Hope if it wasn't for you.  I honestly consider you her spiritual Godmother. 

My friend, my sister, my spiritual midwife." 

Rachael Ruddock - Pregnancy Bodywork / Birth Trauma Healing

Every month I travel for one hour for my treatment with Hannah. It is definitely worth it.  

The first time I met Hannah, a few years ago, she told me she was doing body work. I was intrigued, and since then the idea of seeing her was playing on my mind. I love massage (I am great believer in alternative therapies in general) and I know I respond to them very well. But I had never heard of body work.

Nine months ago, I decided to visit Hannah as I was suffering from various aches and was generally feeling a bit low. I was after a treat for myself. I had no idea what to expect. At my first appointment Hannah asked me questions about my lifestyle and medical history. She took her time and was very patient. Then the treatment started..
Hannah's treatment is like nothing else I have experienced before. Every session is slightly different, Hannah adapts her treatment based on the issues raised at the beginning of the session, but also, she follows her intuition and what she "feels" when touching my body. What is quite powerful is also how Hannah manages to "talk" to my body. When I started seeing Hannah there were a few emotional issues to deal with. What a surprise when, in the middle of the massage, Hannah asked me a question which instantly triggered floods of tears that I could not stop. She let me cry and encouraged it. At other times, she asked a question and my body seemed to answer before me...Hannah acknowledged the answer and carried on with the treatment based on what she felt.
Sometimes I fall asleep and sometimes the massage is painful. Sometimes I cry and sometimes I feel at peace. But every time I leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and I can feel the benefit of the treatment for many days after. I also feel much more at ease with myself and my body since starting the treatments with Hannah, enjoying the feminine side of my personality which had been neglected before.
Thank you Hannah."

NH - General Wellbeing / Female Healthcare

"I wanted to extend my thanks and gratitude to you for all of your care during my treatments with you earlier this year.  It was wonderful getting to know you and learn from you.  Your guidance has had a huge impact on my health and wellness and I am very appreciative."

Mary - Women's Mysteries / General Health Mentoring / Alignment


"Just wanted you to know that I saw the osteopath this morning who said that my hips were really good!  Obviously courtesy of you!  Thanks again for the treatments, I find it really beneficial.  Thinking that I may look at scaling down my osteopath appointments and see you a bit more instead."

JH - Alignment Work / Pregnancy Bodywork / Postnatal Support

I have had the pleasure of knowing Hannah for a lot of years now, during which time she has on numerous occasions repaired not only my body but my soul.
Unfortunately 2 years ago I was involved in a serious accident with one of our horses, the result was a very badly smashed face and head(I was knocked out) a broken shoulder and a ripped knee cap.
I slowly healed as at my age it takes a lot longer. My shoulder healed and on returning to the hospital discovered that my elbow had also been broken but not detected, it had healed and to be honest I couldn’t face any more pain so left it alone.
Last November I started losing the feeling I’m the arm and hand that I had broken, eventually the numbness was so severe I couldn’t even cut up my own food, I couldn’t hold a fork.
After numerous trips to hospitals, pins and electric currents put through, they decided I had trapped the ulna nerve. I thought great they can now sort, I went to see the doctor at the hospital to be told there was absolutely nothing they could do, I needed to get used to it and not lean on my elbows or sleep without my arm being straight. To say that I was speechless (a very rare thing) is an understatement. I’ve been in pain and discomfort for 2 years.
With everything else going on,  I have to be honest I started to feel depressed, I have been put on a controlled drug to try and calm the nerve endings that has more side effects than I could even read, and painkillers that effect the kidneys. I am expected to take these for the rest of my life.
So I contacted Hannah, I cannot even start to explain how it made me feel to speak to someone who wanted to help.
Now 3 sessions in I can use my hand and feel it when I clench a fist, I can grip again, not only that but the knee I have been told needs a replacement is now holding me up so I can run for charity through March, something I would never have dreamed possible a month ago.
All I can say is thank you Hannah you are a miracle worker with magic hands, I don’t know what I would have done without your help.
Please guys never give up hope, just because the medical profession give up so easily, lovely ladies like Hannah don’t.
Hannah you truly are an angel sent to heal, thank you so much."

Ann Robinson - Severe Acute Injury Support / General Bodywork Wellbeing 

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