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Health care through a truly holistic lens.  

Therapeutic massage, bodywork, pregnancy, ceremony, dance,

womb health, women’s mysteries, mentoring and Earth medicine.


"Hannah has the gift of gentle wisdom and carries it into all that she shares. Humble and sensitive to the needs of the group her workshops and offerings are thoroughly recommended."

RF - Shamanic Womb Healing Workshop


Whether you've arrived here by accident, have come via a recommendation, you're desperately seeking support or just curious because you know there might be another way to approach health, I'm here to listen.

Health care is such a rich and complex topic that has taken me on an incredible journey throughout my life.  I have been through many highs and many painful lows in my own health but I see all these experiences as medicine to deepen my understanding of how I can support others through natural and traditional medicine.

Keep the wild voice close to your heart. 

Let it move you and move within you, guiding the way like a faithful compass.