I owe my journey into this work to the ancestors that came before me.

A lineage of healers, artists, musicians and poets who understood and practiced Earth wisdom and traditional health.

It is to them that I owe my deep gratitude for paving a way that gave me a thirst for understanding, drive for empowerment and an insatiable curiosity.  Alongside that I was blessed with a wild, rural childhood that gave me such a firm faith in the natural world being a living, breathing part of me and always calling me home.

As a child I suffered health conditions that perplexed allopathic practitioners.  They had no answers other than drugs or surgery but I knew, deep inside, this was not the only way.

Being very active with a large focus on dance and athletics I was propelled into taking care of my body and searching for ways that I could support myself and remain able to do what I loved.

In my teenage years I remember my mother taking me on several visits to ‘Alternative Therapists’; I owe her so much for opening my eyes to a whole new world of health care. 

We visited an aromatherapist, reflexologist, an osteopath (who also used acupuncture) and a homeopath.  Back in the 80s and 90s these kinds of professions were limited in rural Norfolk and the internet was but a babe in conception so the process of discovery was much slower than it potentially can be now!

These visits fascinated me and I can still picture the rooms and therapists I worked with.  I felt a sense of mysticism around the work which probably sparked even more of an attraction and I dreamed that one day I might own some aromatherapy oils of my own… imagine that!


What I discovered on my travels through this world was that health and disease was so incredibly complex and had so many factors influencing it; it made so much more sense to me than the black and white concept of drug administration for symptoms alone.

My curiosity expanded throughout my late teens and I managed to land myself a job in a health food shop – not the average job for a university student; for me however, I was thrilled!  I learnt so much about supplements, natural products and nutrition although my approach at that time – especially as a student – was more of the classic supplementation for a poor diet!

My thirst for finding the whole picture led me to study Touch for Health, the foundation programme at the time for Kinesiology – muscle testing and diagnosis.

At a similar time I was exposed to and drank in yoga and Chi Kung as the movements started to grow in London where I was based.

It is through all these experiences that a growing calling took hold and I began to know I would turn my attention to studying health as a living.

After a year of being in Australia I came back and revisited a massage course with the intention of using it as a means to an end.  I thought that I could hop into the health profession via this and then get down to some more serious study like homeopathy or herbalism using massage to help pay the bills.  Needless to say I discovered the power of bodywork and that became my thing.

I was so blessed to have incredible teachers who literally landed in my path and after I qualified I was taken under the wing of the most amazing Shiatsu-Du master who continues to inspire and teach me so much.

That is where my journey really began with the Eastern principles of health.  I had been aware of acupuncture but Shiastu-Du was something completely new to me and perhaps ever more mysterious.  My curiosity grew even more when I experienced gentle, sensitive pressure but was then literally floored afterwards and ended up having to head off to bed to sleep!

Experiencing was key. 

This is what did it for me.  This is what I come back to time and time again when my intellectual head wants to run away with theories and over analysis.  And this is why I do what I do now. 

There is so much more to my story, but like us all, it is not possible to account for every step of the way that has built us into who we are.

My ability to sense and draw out emotions locked inside the body is one of the key principles to the way I work.

Blessed – or cursed as I thought when younger, with incredible sensitivity, I learnt that this is what is required to communicate with another far beyond the context of words.  I understood the profound impact of touch and the coping mechanisms our bodies have when we are not in a state of health or wellbeing.  I learned to listen to the body through touch rather than words and see through the convincing voice of the mind to where the truth lay buried.

I continuously practice what I preach to my clients; in fact I often find I have to go through ‘lessons’ first to experience certain pains and processes to learn how to support others. My commitment to my clients is driven deeply by my own practices and my own medicine journey; like so many healers, I learn from my own challenges, understanding these are gifts and powerful opportunities to reach deeper levels of empathy, creativity and transformative healing. 

The more I learn about the body and integrative health the more I wonder at the magnificence of our existence.  Much of my work has been influenced by the Five Element Theory which has its origins in China and Japan although I also highly value and respect the Vedic philosophy.  Above all I appreciate both these traditions for their wisdom in bringing the view of the human body in line with all of nature, understanding that the cycles of nature greatly coincide and influence our health.

I have since brought this into my own fusion as I grow in deeper connection to the ancestral wisdom of these Celtic lands. 

What I offer is just that; a fusion of all I have learnt through academia, practical knowledge, natural forces, cultural traditions and spiritual wisdom.

It is my aim to always remain curious until I take my last breath – continuing the legacy of my ancestors.  Where we come from is so important but where we’re open to going is perhaps the biggest gift we can give ourselves.

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